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A Journey to Transform Healthcare

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

GenerationsE and TMFOX Angel No. 3 Fund Investment Agreement Signing Ceremony

Four founders at GenerationsE are engineers who have a dream to make differences in Healthcare with AI technologies. We met and discussed with many medical doctors and one days,

What if your technologies can help our pathologists to automate cancer cell segmentation...

That's when we realized our dream was turning into a project and real work that could help medical doctors.

Our work became more and more as we collaborated with top domain experts in Vancouver, ShenZhen and Kaohsiung on annotating and processing countless medical images from biopsy slides, GI endoscopy images to MRI scans. Our GPU farms also started to grow from two to four to more as more medical doctors and customers join us.

Then we met TMFOX Angel No. 3 Fund and decided to work on this journey of transforming Healthcare with AI technologies together. GenerationsE and TMFOX Angel No. 3 Fund signed and announced and investment agreement in Vancouver, British Columbia on September 5, 2018.

Let's empower medical doctors with AI backed assisting diagnoses. Early detection and systematic analysis give patients more time and opportunity to full recovery and health.

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