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GenerationsE Presents at 2019 Joint Symposium on Healthcare - Medical AI in Taipei

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

2019 Joint Symposium on Health Care - Medical AI was organized by the Taiwan Medical Management Association, Taiwan Hospital Association, and the Medical Policy Joint Commission Taiwan in Taipei on Oct 3 and 4, 2019. More than 1000 representatives from industry, government, hospitals, and academic circles joined the discussion on the theme of Medical AI, in particular about how the medical industry and the technology industry could conduct cross-border innovation cooperation under the trend of artificial intelligence development.  

Dr. Lin Xu, the Chief Scientific Officer of GenerationsE Software Solutions, Inc. (GenerationsE) was invited to present the topic, "Deep Learning Meets Medical Imaging in Pathology" at AI Medical Imaging Application Session. During the session, Dr. Xu shared GenerationsE's successful case of creating a clinical useful colorectal cancer biopsy prediction algorithm by collaborating with pathologists, cancer research experts, engineers, machine learning scientists, and government program coordinators. There were many great questions and discussion from the audience after the presentation. 

We seek to repeat and further scale up this successful model of cross-industry collaboration to shape the future and excellence of pathology with AI and benefit cancer patients with fast, accurate, and affordable diagnosis and treatment.

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