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National Cheng Kung University and GenerationsE Partner on Liver and Colorectal Pathology Technology

Dr. Fong-Chin Su, Executive Vice President of National Cheng Kung University and Jean Su, CEO of GenerationsE Software Solutions, Inc. signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on liver and colorectal cancer biopsy detection technology collaboration on January 16, 2020. We were honored to have Julia Buss, Deputy Director of Trade and Investment at the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) witness the signing ceremony. 

Ministry of Science and Technology Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Research Center (MOST AIRMRC) was established at National Cheng Kung University since February 2018. The centre focuses on intelligent healthcare and Dr. Julia Chung and her team has devoted research and development on liver cancer pathology.

GenerationsE partnered with BC Cancer on cancer biopsy slide image analysis since November 2017. We released DeepScene™ 1.0, a pathologist diagnostic assistance solution on automating colorectal cancer biopsy slide analysis in March 2019. Dr. Julia Chung’s team will provide further verification of DeepScene™ with National Cheng Kung University Hospital colorectal biopsy cases. Moreover, GenerationsE will incorporate liver biopsy detection modules from Dr. Chung’s team onto DeepScene™ and expands the product line to serve pathologists on liver cancer diagnostic assistance.

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