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ViewsIQ and GenerationsE Sign Worldwide Commercial Agreement for AI

Vancouver, BC, Canada, December 4, 2020 – ViewsIQ and GenerationsE are pleased to jointly announce their partnership for the worldwide sales representation of GenerationsE’s DeepScene product for AI-driven detection of colorectal cancer. Under the terms of the agreement, ViewsIQ will employ its sales, marketing and e-commerce expertise to represent DeepScene.

“As the field of Pathology continues to go digital, providing Health Care Professionals with a more complete set of tools is critical – from slide digitization through to clinical decision support,” said Kenneth To, CEO of ViewsIQ. He continued “Aligning with this approach, we are proud to partner with GenerationsE and their technology for AI-driven detection of colorectal cancer.”

“Pathologists and technicians face an ever-growing demand in workload, yet the resources to support this remain static, if not declining. One way to augment this is through automation. Our flagship product, DeepScene, is an AI-driven approach to detecting colorectal cancer. Through its deployment in a number of institutions already, we are excited to be partnering with ViewsIQ in expanding its worldwide adoption,” said Dr. Lin Xu, CSO of GenerationsE.

With colorectal cancer being the 4th leading cause of cancer death worldwide, tools for faster screening are critical. DeepScene is an AI-powered technology that when combined with digital imaging solutions serve as a powerful combination in helping to fight this disease.

About ViewsIQ Inc.

ViewsIQ’s vision is to augment clinical diagnosis and research collaboration by connecting health care professionals in real-time to cost-efficiently speed diagnosis and innovation, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. As a first step to digitizing the field of pathology, ViewsIQ has developed and commercialized a proprietary software platform called Panoptiq that enables one to digitize samples microscopically. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the laboratory’s existing workflow, ViewsIQ’s unique approach to pathology imaging allows clinicians and researchers to share samples digitally, in real-time, with the full comfort and complexity of their own microscopes. ViewsIQ complements these advantages with image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technologies. About GenerationsE Inc.

GenerationsE develops AI-driven cancer biopsy diagnostic solutions for pathologists, seeking to empower these healthcare specialists with AI, and in return drive the excellence of pathology. Patients will benefit through faster, more accurate, and affordable cancer diagnoses and treatments. The company partners with BC Cancer, a world-leading cancer research institute, and released the first version of the solution, DeepScene™ 1.0 on colorectal cancer region detection in a portable device in 2019. Eight hospitals in Canada and Taiwan with over 100 pathologists are conducting clinical studies and collaborating on further development of DeepScene™. GenerationsE partners with digital pathology providers on completing the digital transformation of the pathology department workflow to enable the full potential of pathologists in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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